The programs we offer are designed with educational goals in mind from the beginning. That’s just one of the reasons that our programs are completely different from shows offered by most performers.

Dorian Presents currently offers SIX educationally significant programs for elementary schools and libraries. There is even a Just-for-Fun program great for… well, fun. Each program is packed with audience participation, comedy, music, magic, puppets and more. And every program motivates and encourages kids to continue learning after the assembly ends!

THE MAGIC FUNTASTIC ASSEMBLY SHOW! While many schools choose one of our educationally significant programs, many find that our MAGIC FUNTASTIC school assembly program is a perfect fit for PBIS, AR, and other reward celebrations, school field days, family nights, school fund raisers, etc.

MAGIC FUNTASTIC is 45 minutes packed with high-energy fun, comedy, puppets, magic, and audience participation. It gives your students a break from study and simply allows them to immerse themselves in the fun and make-believe of magic.

READING – DISCOVER THE MAGIC is our most popular program for elementary schools! This assembly program is an interactive educational production that is part storytelling, part magic show, part game show and 100% FUN. READING – DISCOVER THE MAGIC shows kids just how much can happen when they LOVE to read!

READING – DISCOVER THE MAGIC uses puppets, crazy comedy, magic and audience participation to show how books can magically let readers meet all kinds of people, have all kinds of adventures and learn to do all kinds of things! 

Featuring new books as well as classics and award winners, READING – DISCOVER THE MAGIC also includes an introduction to the ten genres of reading material they can find in the library. A part of this program also teaches the importance of taking care of library books and returning them EARLY!

Over and over we reinforce the importance of picking up a book and reading EVERY DAY. This unforgettable show will have your kids talking about the reading program for weeks to come!

Like our others programs READING – THE SPORT OF CHAMPIONS features puppets, crazy comedy, magic and audience participation to show how books can magically let readers meet all kinds of people, have all kinds of adventures and learn to do all kinds of things! READING – THE SPORT OF CHAMPIONS shares the same goal of getting kids excited about reading as Reading – Discover the Magic, but with a sports and games theme.

This engaging and hilarious show will entertain your students and teachers while they learn that good readers are WINNERS who can do almost ANYTHING! And like all our assembly programs, this one encourages kids to JOIN THE READING TEAM and read every day!

The LINEUP features classic and new picture books, chapter books and other library resources. You will also receive a book list to help make sure we give you the HOME FIELD ADVANTAGE! Kids will be RACING to check out books and other library resources when the show ends.

NOT EVERY HERO WEARS A CAPE is a character education program that motivates, encourages and invites your students to discover the “HERO” inside of them. This program explores the character traits and qualities of a real hero by examining real and fictional characters from a number of popular children’s books and series!

NOT EVERY HERO WEARS A CAPE is an action packed 45 minutes of
high-energy fun featuring comedy, puppets, magic, and lots of audience participation.

DREAM BIG – THE MAGIC IN YOU is a program that encourages BIG DREAMS! This show introduces elementary students to people who had big dreams and worked to make those dreams come true! Using magic, puppets, storytelling and audience interaction, your students will  be amazed and inspired by real life stories of real people who dared to DREAM BIG.

In addition to inspiring kids to dream big (and to READ, of course), DREAM BIG – THE MAGIC IN YOU is a great show for a career awareness emphasis or Red Ribbon Week. We will talk about the importance of having a dream, working hard to make that dream come true and how their teachers (including the media specialist) can help them find books that will allow them to explore the possibilities and make their own dreams a reality!

Tell your counselors about this program and they may even be able to use some of their funding to bring this READING show to your school!

BUILD A BETTER STORY! teaches the elements of a good story, the importance of careful attention to detail and word choice, and how everyone can be a writer! From the very first moment of the show, your students are reminded of how a powerful story can pull you in and take you to wonderful places!

This fun program encourages reading as a way to become a better writer and includes classic and new picture books, chapter books and other library resources. And of course it includes magic and puppets and audience participation, just like all of our other amazing shows!

TAKE ME TO YOUR READERS! Your students will GO INTO ORBIT as we ROCKET through this OUT OF THIS WORLD, fun-filled program that features a CLOSE ENCOUNTER with magic, puppets, comedy and lots of books! Your students will ZOOM to the shelves to check out books about SPACE, ALIENS, CONSTELLATIONS, SCIENCE FICTION and more once this show DOCKS at your school.

This ENGAGING and HILARIOUS space themed show, like all our assembly programs, encourages kids to read every day.


Coming in the Summer of 2020!

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